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One of the great benefits of yoga is that it is accessible to everyone, no matter your age, level of fitness, or capability.

We offer a range of classes from entry level classes for students who are new to yoga to higher level classes for developing and experienced practitioners.


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Note: If you have an injury or illness that may require individual attention, talk to us about our small classes or one-on-one sessions.

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To attend a class you can purchase either a single casual ticket or choose one of our multi-class tickets which reduces the per-class price. We have 5 class, 10 class and 20 class tickets available. You can use your ticket anytime you attend a class at the school. 

Class tickets will expire within 12 months from the date of purchase. Class tickets once purchased are kept at the school and the teacher will mark off a class on your ticket each time you attend. Workshops and courses are purchased separately.

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