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Workshop & Intensives

Iyengar yoga workshops provide students the opportunity to focus more intently on a specific aspect of yoga, such as inversions, twists and pranayama (breath work). These workshops build knowledge in the physical body but more importantly they teach us to understand the link between the body and the mind. In his development of the Iyengar method of teaching yoga, the late BKS Iyengar said students needed to learn through the yoga Asanas (postures) and proper alignment that the mind is experienced through the body. This linking of body and mind is then transferred off the mat into everyday life to achieve clarity and focus towards our everyday tasks. Workshops give us the time and space to ‘tap into’ our physical, mental and emotional responses as a way of understanding what needs to be done to remove blockages, overcome afflictions and ultimately achieve balance and freedom in everything we do.

Intensives are generally run over 3 to 10 days to enable students to fully immerse themselves in the study of the yoga Asanas. Through the continuous practice of yoga and being present, away from daily distractions, students learn to apply a greater depth of knowledge to their own practice. This enables us to clear our minds and challenge ourselves to become more curious, opening up new possibilities and generating new ways of working. Intensives may be themed but they often include a wider range of Asanas, sequenced in ways that help us find better access and through that access, greater extension in both body and mind. 

At Ballina Yoga, we run regular workshops and intensives to provide students with the opportunity to refine their understanding of Asana (the postures) and Pranayama (breathwork). Workshops and intensives are taught by teachers at the school and periodically by guest teachers

During the remainder of 2022 the following workshops and intensives are planned:

Caroline Coggins – Spring Intensive 14-16 October 2022. Friday 5-6.30pm Restore; Saturday 2-4.30pm Asana; Sunday 8-10.30am Asana.

Workshop with Helen Willoughby – Inversions and Backbends –  27 November 2022 – 8-10.30am

Workshop with Helen Willoughby – Restorative and Pranayama – 18 December 2022 – 8-10am

Bookings through this website or contact Helen on 0439 023 389.

Winter Workshop – Backbends and Pranayama

Winter workshops x 3